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NAKA, a minority-owned company, headquartered in Hauppauge, NY, is a leading North American IT solutions provider focused on Assessments, Cybersecurity, Managed Services, Strategic Consulting, Staffing Services, and Cloud Enablement. We deliver this technology expertise through a full lifecycle model of professional, managed, and support services.


The ultimate interface between technology and the financial industry makes it easier to conduct business in real-time. Technology continues to play an integral role in the logical progression of the finance industry, enabling seamless transactions sent through a myriad of global networks.

Billions of financial transactions are conducted every day, making the seamless interchange of critical financial data essential to normal business operations. Even a minute of downtime could mean millions of dollars lost and a screeching halt to business operations. That’s why it’s essential to find a reliable technology partner.  One that you can ultimately rely on to provide you with the peace of mind that your systems are ironclad and ready for the stress and load your daily operations will require.

Higher Education

With NAKA, you can automate and speed up the delivery of essential campus services to increase faculty and student engagement. Now, employees, faculty, and students can easily access services. By scaling and automating the delivery of services on a single, trusted cloud platform, you can provide better campus services and at a lower cost.

Providing IT Solutions for Universities, Colleges, & Corporate Training

Technology is an important function of learning, teaching, and research, yet your IT resources are often overburdened by infrastructure maintenance instead of focusing on innovation. With NAKA, you can deliver outstanding IT support at a lower price. Offer cutting-edge campus IT services, eliminate service outages, and line up core resources with strategic priorities that transform the student and faculty experience.

IT Consultants for Higher Education

NAKA has successfully implemented higher education IT solutions for academic institutions for over a decade. We have the experience and partnerships to deliver IT solutions specifically tailored to the needs of educators, administrators, and the IT organizations that support them.

Capital Markets

NAKA is the leading provider of Capital Markets IT Solutions. We offer modular, reliable, and easy-to-launch solutions portfolios, specially designed for today’s changing business needs. With our technology solutions you can better deliver new products to your customers with ease of use flexibility enabling you to take advantage of the fast-evolving market needs – so whether you operating a brokerage, transfer agency, an IFA, or an insurance company – trust NAKA Technologies for your Capital Market IT Solutions.

Who Needs Our Help?

Many investment banks and other major financial institutions lack the ability to take advantage of their firm-wide knowledgebases. These organizations have grown substantially through mergers and acquisitions, inheriting siloed data stores that traders, researchers, and salespeople cannot easily incorporate into their analyses. NAKA enables organizations to overcome these challenges by integrating disparate data for collaborative, intuitive analysis across the entire enterprise.


In today’s fast-paced manufacturing industry, your business faces numerous obstacles that impact strategic initiatives. Your IT initiatives shouldn’t be one of them. Intense competition, expansions, complex supply chains, and shifting business models, to name just a few. To make it in today’s business environment, manufacturers are compelled to find and innovative ways to improve overall operations and capitalize on new opportunities.

IT systems for manufacturing companies vary in complexity, and to run efficiently, they have to be operating successfully. With the needs and engineering capabilities often required to implement and maintain these systems, it’s vital to form a strategic IT partnership to improve the manufacturing process continually. At the same time, to accelerate product innovation and growth, manufacturers need to leverage these intellectual resources.


Retail has undergone a significant shift as the balance of power has now swung to the consumer. Customers have become empowered in today’s digital landscape, and new engagement models, industry fragmentation, and the E-Commerce model have created turbulent conditions in the retail segment. The key to drawing customers to brick & mortar locations lies in establishing a superior customer experience. Retailers who have leveraged our technological and retail expertise have gained the ability and reimagine shopping journeys by deploying our capabilities and critical thinking, analytics, system integration, product engineering, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and business support.

We are intimately familiar with the IT challenges facing retailers. That’s why so many of our customers are retail companies that have chosen to partner with us to help them integrate their in-store technology. This includes Point of Sale system hardware and software, mobile POS solutions, digital signage, mobility and connectivity, IoT, big data, and cloud technologies. It’s our role as a partner that enables retailers to implement, operate, and maintain existing store IT systems running error-free 24/7/365.


NAKA has enabled companies in the insurance industry to transform into technology ready enterprises by implementing and adapting our technology solutions to align with their strategic business initiatives. Our suite of insurance management services offers a robust spectrum of IT solutions explicitly geared towards the insurance vertical. We help transforms insurance companies into well-informed, decisive, digital-ready enterprises while enabling a superior front-end experience for customers.

Whether it be upgrading an insurance company to Oracle Insurance Policy Administration or helping another company with implementing a robust framework like SAP with integrated dimensional modeling to meet its business objectives – our customers know they can rely on the skill and expertise that NAKA Technologies has to offer.

NAKA helps insurers solve complex business problems such as Digital Adoption, Customer Experience Management, Speed-to-Market, Underwriting Profitability, Operational Efficiency, Distribution Effectiveness, and Claims Optimization. Our expertise insurers, intermediaries, carriers, reinsurers, regulators, and vendors. Our IT services and solutions for the insurance industry will help you achieve profitable underwriting while provisioning a superior front-end experience for your customers.

Media & Entertainment

As the digital landscape has evolved, Media & Entertainment companies have been compelled to completely reimagine their business models to account for the changing preferences of consumer audiences. Today media is consumed in a wide variety of different viewing & listening options, accessible over multiple devices, platforms, and operating systems. Those that seek to remain competitive have sought an alliance with an IT solutions provider that is capable of providing innovative approaches to facilitate the demand of millions of users.

The new direct-to-consumer format has fast become the norm. Content producers are vying for space in the digital landscape, while distributors are partnering with innovative new channels to reach a broader audience. Companies must, therefore, strive to deliver targeted content to customers, on any device, while figuring out ways to lower costs.

Public Sector

Technology penetration has touched every single life. While many Public Sector organizations are catching up with the latest technology to provide expected experience to citizens, educators, and students, innovation and resources continue to remain a challenge. Transforming legacy systems, processes, and infrastructure is the need of the hour for Government and K-12 agencies to deliver good governance for their people.

We serve the K-12 community, Federal, State & Local Government for a better future together.

NAKA has the experience and expertise required to implement IT solutions across all of the public sectors for streamlined processes. We work closely with agencies to identify, plan, and implement technology solutions that deliver on citizens’ expectations.

NAKA’s Leading Practices for the Public Sector Communities –

  • IT Consultancy for Government
  • IT Infrastructure for Government
  • Digital Transformation for Government
  • Cloud Adoption & Cloud Computing for Government
  • Collaboration Technology for Government Agencies
  • Data Analytics & Information System for Government
  • IT Security Implementation & Management for Government









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