Protecting Businesses from Cyber Threats with Cybersecurity

The global digital paradigm shift has pushed businesses to produce, process, and consume business information digitally. While digital practices enable scalability, availability, and increased productivity, your business could be at data and financial risks if you don’t have correct measures in place for information security. We are the specialized Cybersecurity Company who works from penetration testing to network monitoring, and act as virtual CISO for your company to protect your business from cyber threats.

Virtual CISO

With the advancement of information technology, there also has been a continuous increase in associated downside risks. These risks not only compromise your business data but also put your company in a position that could bring down your profitability and invite regulatory fines. In addition to that, information security vulnerabilities can cause internal and external sabotage and put your company’s mission in line of fire.

We act as a vigilant virtual CISO for our clients to cover all the bases of information security, from implementing security policies to incident response, while they solely focus on their business operations.

What we can do for you?

  • Security Architecture

  • Security Operations

  • Real-time Monitoring & Analysis

  • Cyber Risk Assessment & intelligence

  • Disaster Management

  • Fraud Prevention

  • Identity & Access Management

  • Investigations & Forensics

  • IT Governance

Cybersecurity CONSULTING

With new rules, regulations, and security challenges coming into the picture, companies are struggling with deciding what is the best way for them to achieve their cybersecurity goals is. While it is good to have an internal IT team, you must have an objective view of your cybersecurity dynamics both from an IT perspective and a business perspective for implementing best practices.

We as a Cybersecurity company use a holistic approach with CIS best practices for cybersecurity dynamics to provide our clients with a comprehensive future-forward consultation on their IT governance and cybersecurity needs.

What we can do for you?

  • Security Systems Research

  • Validation Procedures

  • Cybersecurity Roadmap

  • Preventive Policies Implementation

  • CIS Controls Consultation

  • IT Remediation Execution

  • Aligning IT with Business Standards

  • Supervising Internal IT Teams


How do you know if your company’s IT security measures are implemented correctly and are capable enough to defend against cyber-attacks? Many companies make this one of the biggest mistakes about information security – They put together multiple security policies and defense mechanisms and be worry-free. Penetration testing is required for simulating cyber-attacks to identify vulnerabilities and their remediations.

We as a Cybersecurity company help our clients do a thorough security exercise by performing external testing, internal testing, blind testing, double-blind testing, targeted testing, and much more to strengthen their system defense.

What we can do for you?

  • Planning and Reconnaissance
  • Static and Dynamic Analysis
  • External Testing
  • Internal testing
  • Blind Testing
  • Double-Blind Testing
  • Targeted testing
  • WAF testing
  • PCI DSS and SOC 2 Compliance

Network Monitoring

Do you know large-scale DDoS attacks have grown 500% in size? And that’s not all; most common cyber-attacks are related to internal and external networks such as DDos, Man-in-the-middle, Zero-day exploit, DNS tunneling, and many others. These attacks not only block access to devices and data but also can entirely sabotage your confidential business information and user data.

We specialize in proactively monitoring the network and analyzing the collected data for suspicious activities to protect our client’s business from internal thefts, vulnerabilities, and all network-related cyber-attacks.

What we can do for you?

  • Network Health Monitoring
  • HTTP, TCP/IP, and FTP Monitoring
  • IT Functions Monitoring
  • Availability & Downtime Management
  • Network Traffic Measurement
  • Network Traffic Analysis
  • Third-party Services/API Monitoring
  • SLA Support

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