Driving Business Success with IT Data

IT Infrastructure and its stakeholders are the driving force behind your company’s success, yet they can also be the hidden growth blockers without anyone knowing it. We specialize in a data-driven approach for a panoramic assessment of your company’s IT environment for business success and risk mitigation.

IT Assessments

With endlessly moving parts in an IT infrastructure, it is essential for your company to keep track of every device, user, and everything in between. It is required to continuously monitor and remediate IT infrastructure for cybersecurity and SLA compliance. As your company starts growing, its IT infrastructure also needs to be evolved for supporting internal stakeholders and customers.

We help our clients collect, analyze, and gain insights from their IT data with our IT assessment service to protect business assets, make them ready for the growth, and optimize the IT budget through informed decisions.

What we can do for you?

  • Internal & External Infrastructure Assessment
  • Server Environment Assessment
  • Cloud Assessment
  • Application Assessment
  • Network Assessment
  • User Device Assessment
  • Policies & Procedure Assessment
  • Risk Analysis
  • IT SLA Compliance Assessment
  • IT Budgeting & Cost Containment
  • Summary of findings and recommendations

Software Assessments

Do you know your company could be at potential risk of a data breach and even a lawsuit, just because you are using an end-of-life software or even missed a software hotfix? It happens every day and it can adversely affect your entire business. Most companies and their employees don’t even know they are running outdated, slow, and broken software if it is able to perform their daily tasks.

We do a thorough Software assessment from a business perspective to identify associated risks and remediate discovered issues for a healthy software environment with improved productivity of our clients.

What we can do for you?

  • Configuration Assessment

  • Licensing Assessment

  • Security & Hotfix Assessment

  • Business Process Review

  • Cost Analysis

  • ROI Analysis

  • Summary of findings and recommendations

Security Assessments

Every device, software, and network connection in an IT infrastructure is a point of security risk. From a data breach threat to the entire server hacking, any malicious activity can propagate to your IT infrastructure from any endpoint. Rotating security policies and correct measures need to be in place to keep all cyber threats at bay.

We perform extensive security assessments and help our clients define and implement benchmarked security policies and a prioritized set of actions for a secured IT infrastructure.

We help our clients do a thorough security exercise by performing external testing, internal testing, blind testing, double-blind testing, targeted testing, and much more to strengthen their system defense.

What we can do for you?

  • Security Review

  • Security Testing

  • Security Policies Review

  • Network Scanning

  • Web Application Scanning

  • IT Assets Centralization

  • Security Compliance Assessment

  • Data Repositories Assessment

  • Risk & Impact Assessment

  • Summary of findings and recommendations

Executive Assessments

The technological success of a company depends on its key IT stakeholders. These executive positions require the right blend of expertise, experience, and effectiveness. Besides the day-to-day responsibilities, executives need to deliver on business challenges, strategy, and innovation to make your business thrive in a competitive landscape.

With our quantifying approach for leadership attributes, we help our clients assess executives who can take their company to the next level with strategic moves.

What we can do for you?

  • Leadership Assessment

  • Execution Intelligence Assessment

  • Potential & Capabilities Assessment

  • Emotional Intelligence Assessment

  • Interpersonal Assessment

  • Dependability Assessment

  • Innovation Assessment

  • Summary of findings and recommendations

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